Deep Tissue Massage CT Release - April 25th, 2021 - Sioux Falls, SD - 12 CEUs
Deep Tissue Massage CT Release - April 25th, 2021 - Sioux Falls, SD - 12 CEUs
Deep Tissue Massage CT Release - April 25th, 2021 - Sioux Falls, SD - 12 CEUs

Deep Tissue Massage CT Release - April 25th, 2021 - Sioux Falls, SD - 12 CEUs

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South Dakota School of Massage
100 Krohn Pl
Sioux Falls, SD 57103
Sunday - April 25, 2021 - (8AM to 8PM)

Do you want massage skills that are in high demand? Deep Tissue Massage is and always has been the most requested massage in the industry. In this course, you will learn how to comfortably and effectively apply deep tissue massage techniques producing “Life Changing” results for your clients. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of body mechanics, position and leverage, which are crucial to preserving, and even strengthening your body.

With his extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, martial arts kinesiology, yoga & meditation your instructor will demonstrate “hands-free” techniques and individually assist each practitioner in trouble shooting body mechanics issues.

An in depth, thorough explanation of scar tissue, adhesions, the subtle bioenergetics of connection and the psychological role of the mind in releasing tension from the body is discussed as well.

This course is rich in knowledge and has received numerous praises. Students leave this highly-rated class feeling inspired, empowered & armed with new, in-demand skills they can immediately apply to their practice.

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Students should bring a massage table, sheets, lotion or oil

(massage cream is not recommended)

What you will learn:

  • A proven system of Deep Tissue Massage that produces "Outstanding Results"
  • The fundamental principles of "Proper Body Mechanics" using Tai Chi principles
  • Learn about 4 States of consciousness & how they relate to Deep Tissue Massage
  • How to feel/sense when soft tissue is in release
  • How to safely manipulate soft tissue structures restoring joint health & ROM
  • How to effectively remove knots and adhesions restoring mental peace and clarity
  • ROM for the neck, shoulders, spine, hips, legs & feet
  • Protocols for releasing joint issues related to the leg & feet
  • Protocols for releasing tension on the spine
  • Protocols for freeing the joints of the neck & shoulders
  • How to initiate a parasympathetic response
  • How to maintain a parasympathetic response
  • How it feels to have increased range of motion for your body
  • How it feels to have a parasympathetic response reflexively triggered on you
  • How to create maximum benefits with little effort reducing stress on your body
  • To improve your health & wellness with proper massage body mechanics
  • Free your clients of chronic debilitating pain, inflexibility and promote over all healing & well-being

*Note: There is a $30 Cancellation fee. Cancellations within 2 weeks of the event, increase to $75*