Higher Knowledge

Throughout life we develop bodies of knowledge. These bodies of knowledge come in various forms & are related to a wide variety of topics to include things like, mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, communication, yoga, construction, massage, astronomy, psychology, health & wellness, etc…. it’s infinite.

As these bodies of knowledge develop & expand, they begin to overlap at some point. This overlap or blending is higher knowledge. These bodies of knowledge can overlap with an infinite amount of other bodies of knowledge. This leads to an infinite number of combinations.

Imagine each circle as a body of knowledge. This blending can happen between two or more bodies of knowledge that appear to be absolutely disconnected from each other. For instance, Astrology is a blending of astronomy & psychology. Sometimes the blending is an important phase, as it creates a bridge to even higher levels of knowledge. The effect is also tied into one’s intuition. What is most intriguing is the larger picture & greater understanding of reality that begins to form in the background of one's mind.

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