Maka Connective Tissue Release
A system of massage that restores joint range of motion, creates deeply relaxing & restorative effects through the process of removing superficial & deep adhered muscle layers, realigning scar tissue & releasing conscious & unconscious tension stored deep in the mind & body
Read about the physiological/psychological process of removing knots or chronic tension from the body by clicking the link below:

The Makas are currently traveling massage therapists serving Volusia County, FL. If you are interested in receiving this type of bodywork, you can reach us by email ( or send us a text: Josh: (858) 361-2777 or Charlene: (858) 201-9800
If you are interested in receiving 12 hours of live CE credits for license renewal or interested in learning these types of techniques, check out the Events page
Over the years the Makas have had numerous Testimonials from clients who have come out of a variety of chronic debilitating conditions. Their work is primarily focused on connective tissue health, joint restoration, joint health & maintenance