Percussion Therapy

Percussion Therapy employs the use of a device to deliver pulsing pressure waves into the body. The pulsing waves cast a sonar of sorts making it much easier for the receiver to feel/sense the deeper layer of tension in their body. This makes it much easier for the receiver to release their chronic tension
Used in a particular manor it can stimulate soft tissue release, or initiate & maintain a myofascial release response. The pulsing sensations generated from the device can be deeply relaxing & a preferred option for individuals who are sensitive to manual deep work

Percussion sessions are great for restorative work on "complex joint structures" like the Feet, Hands, Head, Neck & Spine. Periodic Percussion sessions on the head can relieve chronic tension, eliminate or significantly reduce migraine frequency & reduce chronic neck stiffness. Percussion sessions on the feet can relieve years of chronic debilitating tension, foot pain & restore the feet to a more youthful functioning & feel.

Benefits of Percussion Therapy:
  • Increased blood flow circulation
  • Override Pain Signals
  • Decreases Physical Tension
  • Oxygenating Muscles
  • Loosen Chronically Tight Joints & Muscles (knots)
  • Improve overall Body Awareness
  • Decreases Mental Stress & Tension
  • Can Break up Congestion
  • Improves breathing
  • Improves endurance, stamina & recovery
  • Improves ROM, muscle strength & agility
  • Excellent for Chronic debilitating serious feet issues