Yoga is an art, science & process of self-discovery were an individual learns through self-observation how to properly align concepts of body, mind & spirit in a way that connects one to cosmic life force frequencies that resonate with the core of one’s physical matrix facilitating the evolution of one’s consciousness
It is postulated that as much as 3/4th of Yoga knowledge was lost or destroyed in "The Great War" (possibly the one described in Mahabharata)
This war was recorded cross culturally & affected the entire world. What we are left with today, is an enormous very complex puzzle. Literally, thousands of scattered pieces of knowledge that have found their way into numerous cultures & legends around the planet, & throughout time
No one really knows for sure how old it is. However, its importance & value to humanity immeasurable

Learn about the rich ancient history of yoga. We will explore the concepts of yoga & how it is not exclusive to India. You will learn about amazing Yogis who have attained astounding heights of consciousness. The history of yoga is really the story of mankind. You will be amazed at the depth of this concept & enlightened in new & intriguing ways that will inspire you & deepen your appreciation for this amazing system that ultimately leads to incredible levels of self-empowerment



Learn amazing information our Yoga forefathers have told us about Hatha Yoga. Learn how the intention of Hatha Yoga goes beyond stretching & reaches into the depths of one’s self, connecting to the unifying source of all. Learn about your connective tissue network & how it is interwoven into the fabric of the universe




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