Cupping Therapy

The seemingly timeless, “Wholistic” practice of using a cup or cup like device to create a vacuum of negative pressure on the body drawing toxins and metabolic waste from the soft tissue structure, creating a number of benefits including improved circulation, improved immune functions and promoting over all well-being
Cupping Therapy is one of the oldest healing modalities known to mankind. Its origins are mysterious & obscure. However, its effectiveness is world renown, as it has been practiced all over the planet by numerous cultures for centuries. Today, we see some of the world's most influential people returning to what the ancients have always known


After many years of experience, Josh has come to the conclusion that joint health

plays a crucial role in maintaining physical health


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Over the years Josh has had numerous Testimonials from clients who have come

out of a variety of chronic debilitating conditions. His work is primarily focused on

joint restoration, joint health & maintenance