Testimonials - Josh

As a Body Worker
I had heard about Josh's work from friends & after a bad motorcycle accident, I am so grateful for his talents. I first saw him less than a year after a broken pelvis & deep distress through my psoas & tissues connecting my upper & lower body. With very little guidance from myself, Josh found the spots needing attention, worked rhythmically through blockages & dispersed pent up energy throughout my body. His unique approach is perfectly beneficial in a journey of healing & progressing.
- Gianna P
I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, both cause me pain preventing me from participating in my life on a daily basis. At 49 I was desperate for relief. I met Josh thru my husband. They met at Yoga, and after a time my husband mentioned some of my physical issues, and the both of them thought I could benefit from Josh’s treatments. Josh has worked wonders on my body. The technique he applies is creating results I could never have imagined, always targeting my troubled areas. The mobility and strength I am regaining still amazes me, its more than I ever allowed myself to hope for. I call Josh my healer because I have suffered for years with chronic pain, and his therapy is a real game changer for me. I find myself anticipating the changes the future holds. I have been more physically active in the past few weeks than I have been in many years.
Josh has been coming to my house every two weeks for several months now. I have been relieved from daily headaches, tremendous pain in my elbows, hands and wrists. My feet normally hurt day and night, the pain kept me from walking . The past few weeks I’ve walked with my dog, took the kids to a theme park actually being on my feet the entire day. With bulging and herniated discs, my hips get out of line and it’s difficult to function let alone perform household chores, go to the beach, ride a bicycle, just feel normal. I feel so fortunate to have met someone with the education, experience, and extensive knowledge of the body. Josh also has a very kind nature with great energy that puts me at complete ease allowing me to relax while he is treating me. Relaxation does not come easy for me so it’s a very welcomed experience. Josh has now invited me to participate in Yoga, and I have accepted the challenge (invitation) and will continue in my therapy with him, who knows what I’ll be capable of when I turn 50!
- Lisa T
I live with chronic pain, such as migraines, old sports injuries, degenerative disk disease, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Over several years, these ailments have slowed my once active lifestyle to just about a halt. Nothing I had tried up to this point had significantly helped with the combination of my ailments & health issues. His techniques, knowledge and compassion have helped restore my physical & mental well-being. I’ve had significant improvement from my migraines and chronic lower back pain exceeding my expectations. I find myself with a new sense of hope for the future & getting back to more of the things I love to do.
Josh listens and asks questions. He focuses his attention on areas that are in need of healing and ensures my comfort along the way. I feel so relaxed and comfortable and don’t have to do anything after my session other than unwind in the coziness of my own home. I highly recommend Josh’s therapeutic services for anyone looking for an experienced, thoughtful therapist with healing hands.
- Jessica J
As an Educator/Speaker
"Josh kept the entire class engaged. He made time fly!"
"Very knowledgeable, taught in a way in which was clear & understandable"
"Very knowledgable, approachable & fun!"
"One of the most relevant & practical courses I have taken in my 20 year career!"
"It was Exciting!"
"My friend & I agreed that it was the most fun we have ever had at a continuing education course!"
"This course saved my body & career!"