Testimonials - Josh

As a Body Worker
"His unique approach is perfectly beneficial in a healing & or progressing journey"
"The techniques Josh applies are creating results I could never have imagined. The mobility & strength I am regaining still amazes me, its more than I ever allowed myself to hope for!"
"I’ve had significant improvement from my migraines & chronic lower back pain exceeding my expectations. I find myself with a new sense of hope for the future & getting back to more of the things I love to do!"
As an Educator/Speaker
"Josh kept the entire class engaged. He made time fly!"
"Very knowledgeable, taught in a way in which was clear & understandable"
"Very knowledgable, approachable & fun!"
"One of the most relevant & practical courses I have taken in my 20 year career!"
"It was Exciting!"
"My friend & I agreed that it was the most fun we have ever had at a continuing education course!"
"This course saved my body & career!"