Transformation through Healing Work

Healing Crisis = Transformation

The phrase “Healing Crisis” refers to situation when someone has had so much healing work done to them, that it triggers a profound transformation in the individual (Body, Mind & Spirit). It is regarded as a positive experience & quite often, “life changing”.

It’s mystery & intrigue has drawn interest from many great minds of the past to include Imhotep of Ancient Egypt, Leonardo Da Vinci & Hippocrates of Greece. The “Healing Crisis” has been referenced by numerous cultures throughout the world.

In one example, the Hawaiians perform a type of bodywork called Lomi-Lomi were multiple practitioners work on an individual until a certain result is achieved. These Lomi-Lomi sessions could go on for days, as it could take that long for the receiver to make the transformation.

These are very powerful events. They can be pleasant or unpleasant & vary in intensity. However, they always leave the individual in a better place, on all levels. The effects of the “Healing Crisis” echoes out into the environment, touching the hearts of others & inspiring them to grow past their perceived limitations.

Listen to Mathew’s amazing story about his “Healing Crisis” experience & the transformation he went through during in his healing process.


(Cilck to hear Matthew's Amazing Story)

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