Certification Program - "Maka Method" DT Massage

Through Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi Exercises & Deep Tissue Massage we will explore the vastness of the connective web that encases & connects every part of the body to itself. Combining these experiences creates a deep experiential understanding of the body/mind connection!


Through Yoga & Bodywork, increased flexibility allows the practitioner access to proper body mechanics. Tai Chi principles concentrate on the fundamentals of balance & position, promoting leverage & significantly reducing risk of work related injury & fatigue. Meditation increases concentration abilities enhancing the effectiveness of the practitioner’s work!

The course contains a section on communication skills, which are absolutely essential in successfully building & maintaining professional relationships. The communication section covers many different aspects of this topic including a highly effective dialoging format to help practitioners navigate through client concerns about receiving bodywork. Such topics include, energetic boundaries, conversation navigation, verbal & non-verbal communication
We will practice hands on techniques, trouble shoot body mechanics & get practitioners to a place were they can comfortably & effectively give continuous hours deep tissue massage with very little effort
All the techniques in the course have been “Time Tested” & perfected by the instructor. You will learn Proper Stances & Angles at which to approach the body to deliver Highly Effective!!! Deep Tissue bodywork

What you will learn:

  • A proven system of Deep Tissue Massage that produces outstanding results
  • The fundamental principles of proper body mechanics using Tai Chi principles
  • Learn about 4 States of consciousness & how they relate to Deep Tissue
  • How to feel/sense when soft tissue is in release
  • How to safely manipulate soft tissue structures restoring joint health & ROM
  • How to effectively remove knots and adhesions restoring mental peace and clarity
  • ROM for the neck, shoulders, spine, hips, legs & feet
  • Protocols for freeing joints related to the leg & feet
  • Protocols for freeing tension in the joints of the spine
  • Protocols for freeing the joints of the neck & shoulders
  • How to initiate a parasympathetic response
  • How to maintain a parasympathetic response
  • How it feels to have increased range of motion for your body
  • How it feels to have a parasympathetic response reflexively triggered on you
  • How to create maximum benefits with little effort reducing stress on your body
  • To improve your health & wellness with proper massage body mechanics
  • How to free your clients of chronic debilitating conditions
  • Tai Chi fundamental principles, application & exercises
  • About your connective tissue network from unique experiential point of view
  • Hatha yoga postures (Asanas) to promote flexibility restoring proper ROM
  • How having flexibility enhances your bodywork and decreases risk of injury
  • The benefits of Meditation
  • About the Inner working of Meditation
  • About different states of consciousness & how they relate to the mind
  • A Meditation exercise that enhances focus, clarity of mind & balance
  • How to build solid lasting practitioner client relationships
  • How to handle drifting clients
  • To effectively communicate with clients to ensure their needs are met
  • To succeed at getting new clients (or job if you choose)
  • Dramatically increase your confidence in client communication
  • To use communication to increase the value & effectiveness of your work
  • How to use communication to improve all relationships, personal and professional

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