Maka Connective Tissue Release Certification

Through Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi Exercises & Maka Connective Tissue Release work we will explore the vast web of connective tissue that encases, joins & acts as a communication highway connecting every part of the body to itself. The combing of these practices brings about a powerful transformation in the individual


Yoga & Bodywork increases flexibility which allows the practitioner access (get into) to proper body mechanics. Tai Chi principles concentrate on the fundamentals of balance & position, promoting leverage & significantly reducing risk of work related injury & fatigue. Meditation increases Concentration/Focus enhancing the effectiveness of the practitioner’s work

We will practice hands on techniques, trouble shoot body mechanics & get practitioners to a place were they can comfortably give hours of effective connective tissue work with little effort
All the techniques in the course have been Time Tested & Perfected by the instructor. Proper Stances & Angles at which to approach the body to deliver Highly Effective bodywork will be covered

What you will learn:

  • 4 States of consciousness & how they relate to Connective Tissue Release
  • How to feel/sense when soft tissue is in release
  • How to safely manipulate soft tissue structures
  • How to effectively remove knots & adhesions
  • Protocols for freeing the hips, legs & feet
  • Protocols for freeing the spine
  • Protocols for freeing the neck & shoulders
  • How to Initiate & Maintain a Parasympathetic Response (Parasympathetic Response = Relaxation Response)
  • How it feels to have increased range of motion in your body
  • How to maximize your efforts with proper Eustresses on your body (Eustress = Stress that transforms you. Level up)
  • To improve your health with proper massage body mechanics
  • How to free your clients of chronic debilitating conditions
  • Tai Chi fundamental principles & exercises
  • About your connective tissue network from direct experience
  • Yoga postures to promote flexibility & restore proper ROM
  • How flexibility enhances your bodywork & decreases risk of injury
  • Meditation

The Training is 32 hours. Investment is $7,500

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