Testimonials - Charlene

I first met Charlene through Bikram yoga. She has always been one of my favorite teachers. Her style of teaching consistently caused me to both push myself & be kind to myself at the same time. Her consistent message of “letting go of what doesn’t serve you” has benefited many areas of my life. I have regularly done bodywork with Charlene for a couple of years now, & it remains one of my favorite ways to heal & treat myself. Charlene always takes the time to really listen to you at the beginning of a session, understanding what is present for you both physically & emotionally. I find Charlene’s touch to be very nurturing, healing, & trustworthy. She is truly a gifted healer & brings this energy with her to every session. Incorporating bodywork into my personal healing journey has served me in so many ways, & Charlene is truly gifted & called to what she does.
- Lyndsey E
Charlene is an instinctive massage therapist always finding those places that need extra care. She has a natural healing energy that you will feel just upon meeting her. I would recommend Charlene to anyone in need of healing, maintenance or just pure relaxation. She is capable of providing excellent results. I always notice a remarkable difference in how I feel before and after my massages.
- Susan S