Connective Tissue Release Massage (90 min)

Connective Tissue Release Massage (90 min)

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Maka Connective Tissue Release

A system of massage that restores joint range of motion, creates deeply relaxing & restorative effects through the process of removing superficial & deep adhered muscle layers, realigning scar tissue & releasing conscious & unconscious tension stored deep in the mind & body

Balled up tension in the body (knots) cannot be removed by hammering, smashing, crushing or pounding them out. As a matter of fact, this can make them worse, cause more damage & make them harder to remove for professionals

The job of the therapist, is to bring the client’s awareness to the deeper layers of tension in the connective tissue network of the body. When this is achieved in a certain manner, the client’s mind & body go through a "natural processing function" that releases tension

Your body has a built in mechanism to release physical, mental & emotional tension! Most people are utterly astounded when this first happens to them, because releasing knots is just as much of a Psychedelic experience as it is a Physiological experience. Experience this process for yourself.