Percussion Therapy (30 min)
Percussion Therapy (30 min)
Percussion Therapy (30 min)

Percussion Therapy (30 min)

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Percussion Therapy

Percussion Therapy employs the use of a device to deliver pulsing pressure waves into the body. The pulsing waves cast a sonar of sorts making it much easier for the receiver to feel/sense the deeper layer of tension in their body. This makes it much easier for the receiver to release their chronic tension

Used in a particular manor it can stimulate soft tissue release, or initiate & maintain a myofascial release response. The pulsing sensations generated from the device can be deeply relaxing & a preferred option for individuals who are sensitive to manual deep work

Percussion sessions are great for deep joint restorative work on areas like the feet. Periodic Percussion session on the head can relieve chronic tension, eliminate or significantly reduce migraine frequency & reduce chronic neck stiffness

Benefits of Percussion Therapy:

  • Increased blood flow circulation
  • Override Pain Signals
  • Decreases Physical Tension
  • Oxygenating Muscles
  • Loosen Chronically Tight Joints & Muscles (knots)
  • Improve overall Body Awareness
  • Decreases Mental Stress & Tension
  • Can Break up Congestion
  • Improves breathing
  • Improves endurance, stamina & recovery
  • Improves ROM, muscle strength & agility
  • Excellent for Chronic debilitating serious feet issues